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MIKE Painting Contractors Arlington Heights
Professional Interior Painting & Exterior Painting Arlington Heights

Mike’s Painting Contractors has been serving Arlington Heights and its surrounding cities for more than fifteen years. Our expert knowledge and skills in painting products and high-quality materials and techniques are our key to a strong reputation. Our expertise with exterior painting, siding painting, interior painting, house painting, house brick painting comes from our work experience and continuous training for all our painting contractors Arlington Heights.

Our painters Arlington Heights are committed to our schedule. We will provide you with expert knowledge, processes, and products to meet your needs for your painting project. We also offer spray painting on various surfaces for a sleek and flawless finish. Our project manager will ensure that you’ll get a detailed estimate, a well-maintained job site from start to finish, and exceptional care and protection of your property. You can count on our dedication to providing top-notch results and a fantastic experience. Call us today!

Our Offer Includes a Wide Range of Professional Exterior Painting & Interior Painting Arlington Heights Services


Interior Painting

Color can make all the difference. Whether you need a full house to remodel or a new accent wall, our interior painters Arlington Heights can help you transform your home into any space that reflects your styles, personality, and mood in living color. No matter what interior painting design you like, we'll help you achieve it. Call us today!


Exterior Painting

One of the fastest ways to improve your curb appeal is through exterior painting. Our painting contractors Arlington Heights specialize in exterior services to make a beautiful impact on your home. Contact one of our painters for a hassle-free, no mess, and quick exterior painting for competitive prices.


House Brick Painting

If you want to improve the color of your brick, call Mike Painting Contractors. Our painters Arlington Heights will meticulously provide excellent brick stain with outstanding color coverage for the overall impact of your house bricks. For a top-notch house brick painting Arlington Heights, contact our team!


Siding Painting

Improve the look of your siding with our siding painting Arlington Heights services. Let our siding contractors tackle your painting with the right approach and an array of beautiful colors to choose from. Call us now for your vinyl siding painting and start adding new life to your exterior.


Exterior House Paint

Do not underestimate the impact of having a clean coat of paint and a fresh look on the exterior of your home. At Mike's Painting Contractors Arlington Heights, we will be happy to sit down and help you choose the color that works best for your home. Call us now!


Spray Painting

Anyone who has done spray painting will know that it can be expensive and complicated. Call Mike's Painting Contractors for a safer, advanced, and fast spray painting Arlington Heights service. We have a wide range of spray finishes to choose from to fit your style, personality, and need and give you a better finish.

Check Our Interior Painting & Exterior Painting Arlington Heights Work


Trust Our Expert Painters Arlington Heights Crew With Your Interior Painting or Exterior Painting Project!

When you want an affordable upgrade for your home that will have a lasting effect, you can turn to house painting Arlington Heights to get the job done. This is the most convenient way you can redefine the way your house looks without making drastic changes to your furniture, interior materials, and household essentials. Our interior painting Arlington Heights service is relatively cheap and you can expect our house painters to fully guide you and help you prepare everything needed for the project including the estimated costs and your preferred choice of color. At our company, we do more than simple exterior painting and house brick painting Arlington Heights. Our premium services improve lives and daily comforts with our expert selections and works. We make everything easy and smooth-sailing for a perfect timely finish of the project. Our painting contractors Arlington Heights are highly approachable, exuding the right level of professionalism to address your needs in a friendly manner. Over the years, we have applied vinyl siding paint and exterior house paint for different residential and commercial properties as well. Choose quality painting. Call us today!

Reasons Why You Should Hire Our
Reliable Painting Contractors Arlington Heights

Quality Work
Painting contractors Arlington Heights will skillfully do your painting job to last for many years. Professional painters will ensure the quality of work by preparing the surface of your walls to achieve the best paint finish. 
Detailed to Perfection
With professional painters Arlington Heights at your service, you can rest assured that your interior painting project is handled meticulously. We understand that specks of dust or hair can end up causing ridges to the paint. That is why we handle every painting project with care and attention to detail.
Painting companies Arlington Heights provide as many workers as necessary to ensure that your project is done in a timely manner. They work efficiently using modern and effective techniques.  
Working with a licensed and insured company like Mike's Painting Contractors Arlington Heights can save you a lot from unnecessary expenses and future problems.   
Painting jobs involved more than paint brushes and buckets. To get high-quality results, you need to be well-equipped with safety gear, patching tools, spraying tools, and other equipment for the job. 

What Are the Signs That Your Home Is in Need of Our Interior Painting Arlington Heights Services?

Regardless of how expensive or how well a paint is applied, repainting your home is necessary after years have passed. Count the years elapsed since your last home painting Arlington Heights to determine if it’s time for repainting. Most paint lasts between five and eight years. Meanwhile, higher quality paints are expected to last longer than that.
Both color and integrity of paint diminish due to regular wear and tear and exposure to different elements. Working with reliable painting contractors Arlington Heights during a repainting project can quickly bring back the old pristine of your home. Among the common causes of faded paint is water penetration so ask for a repainting service to save money from further repairs.
When cracks appear on paint, it means repainting your walls is needed. These cracks will make your home look terrible and weak, and it might pose a health problem to you and your family members because old paints could contain lead. Interior painters Arlington Heights can help you bring new life to your home and ensure your family’s safety by repainting your space using safe and trusted products.

How Our Painting Contractors Arlington Heights Assure Faultless Interior Painting Process?

Prepping the Surfaces
One of the most time-consuming tasks aside from painting is preparing the walls or surface. A successful painting project relies on a properly prepped wall. The interior painters Arlington Heights will scrape, sand, patch, clean dust, fill holes, repair cracks, and other damages that may hinder a flawless finish.

We Only Use High-Quality Roller Covers and Brushes
Using low-cost roller covers will leave marks and lint that can get stuck on your paint, and when it dries, it can cause bumps as well as uneven paint. This will be much more difficult to repair. The same thing goes for a poor-quality brush that may leave ugly streaks on your walls. Our interior painters Arlington Heights only use quality tools for quality results.

Secure Furniture, Hardware, and Floors
To get flawless paint job results is to avoid any splatters and spills. Our painters Arlington Heights would secure and cover every trim, furniture, or floor that would not receive paint. Our team of painters values every investment inside your home, ensuring everything is protected.

Only the Best Quality of Paint
Low-cost paints are often thinner and have fewer solids as compared to expensive paints. Quality paint has a smooth and better coverage. We are one of the painting companies Arlington Heights that uses quality paints.

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